Individual & Family Counseling

Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC) provides professional, confidential mental health counseling to individuals, children and families who are experiencing emotional difficulties.  You can rely on us to help you manage issues from phobias to abuse.

Licensed therapists counsel individuals and families who need help coping with stress, marital problems, anxiety, and depression. We serve many vulnerable and underserved individuals, and are often the voice for children experiencing post-traumatic stress.

CCC provides different payment options so people in need may receive professional, compassionate guidance. Counseling in Spanish is available.

“You were the genesis in my miraculous recovery from the darkest place I’ve ever been. You listened. You offered the gentlest push, back toward the light. Toward hope. Toward living again. Thank you for not giving up on me.” – CCC Counseling Client

To schedule your appointment call the intake coordinator at 804.545.5907 or 1.800.974.4494.