Batterer Intervention Program

Our Batterer Intervention Program (BIP) teaches the harm of abusive actions and helps you find better ways to handle conflicts at home. You will learn about abusive and non-abusive behaviors.  You are encouraged to identify feelings, attitudes, and behaviors and participate in group discussions.  You will learn how to develop a healthy relationship built upon equality and mutual respect. Victims of abuse may contact the group facilitator at any time to ask questions, report abusive behavior, or discuss the program.  Calls from victims are always confidential. BIP is a 24 week program.  Classes are $20 each.  If you are court ordered to attend BIP, your progress is regularly reported to probation officers. Before enrolling, you need to participate in an assessment with a counselor.  Assessments are $60 and scheduled by appointment only. To schedule an assessment for enrollment in Richmond or in Charlottesville call 804.545.5907.