We provide individual counseling for adults, children, couples and families.  We offer counseling for any number of issues such as depression, anxiety, marital problems, anger issues, grief,  domestic violence, adjustment issues, custody cases, and co-parenting issues.

Sessions guide and educate people in a safe and supportive environment. “My classmates were instrumental to changing my outlook on a lot of things. I thank them and the instructors for a job well done. I needed this, and I went from not wanting to be in the program to it being the best part of my week.” –Group Counseling Participant

Our child-centered play therapy rooms in Richmond are a comforting environment where children can express their feelings through the simple act of play.   Play Therapy









If you have questions about any of our counseling services, please call the Intake Coordinator at 804.545.5907 or 1.800.974.4494.

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