Independent Living

Part of every parent’s job is preparing their child for a life on their own. The same is true for children in foster care. Our Independent Living program builds in opportunities for life skills and experience so children can be ready one day to live as responsible, contributing adults.

Independent Living training begins with teaching children basic jobs like setting the table, helping with chores and keeping up with homework assignments. As the child grows, so does his/her responsibility level. By the time teens are in high school, they are participating in workshops that teach them about managing personal finances, taking care of a vehicle, filling out job and college applications and renting an apartment.

We also have a separate Independent Living Placement program where teens ages 18 to 21 can live on their own, go to school or work and still be under the supervision and guidance of their case worker. While they live independently, they still have someone who knows them and will hold them accountable for their responsibilities.

When it is time for children to step into the adult world on their own, CCC’s Independent Living program makes sure they have the tools, skills and know-how to do so.

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