Foster Care

Foster care gives children and teens a home they need and deserve.

Children come into foster care for a number of different reasons. Often they have experienced abuse and neglect, but sometimes the situation requires that a child has more needs than his or her family can meet or the child needs to be on a different path to succeed. Whatever the reason, the underlying needs are the same – a home where each child can be supported, guided and accepted. Foster parenting is a special calling. We are always in need of strong and caring foster families who can meet the challenge of parenting children with difficult backgrounds and multiple needs. If you’re interested in becoming one, please call us to learn more about our program. It includes extensive training and ongoing workshops, 24-hour on-call support and compensation for this dedicated work. Our staff goes out of their way to make sure that foster parents have what they need so they can be the kind of parents that foster children need them to be.

“[As a foster parent] you might be the only person this child has. Many foster kids EXPECT adults to give up on them – and when they find one that doesn’t, that’s what really changes them.” – Foster Parent

What’s the process for becoming a foster parent?

Foster parents share their thoughts:



In the Richmond area call 804.545.5949, or email In the Roanoke area call 540.342.0411, or email In the Norton area call 276.679.1195, or email