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Mark & Tara

Dear Birth Mother;

First, we want to thank you for considering us for adoption. We know this is not an easy decision for you to make. We admire you very much. We all have one thing in mark-tara common though. We want what is best for your child. We want to provide a loving, nurturing and stable home for your child. We have much respect and compassion for the decision you have made as a parent to give someone the precious gift of raising a child. We would like to stay in contact with you if that’s what you wish to do.

Our names are Mark and Tara. We met through Tara’s best friend. We got married a year and a half later and have been together ever since. We love to be together. Our favorite thing to do is enjoy a nice quiet evening at home, but other times we like to go out. We also like to cook together and try new recipes. We’re both big animal lovers and have three cats of our own. We want to expose our adopted child to all kinds of animals and hope he or she will like them as much as we do. In the summer months, we go to Tara’s parent’s cabin every chance we get. We go there to get away from the city. We enjoy fishing, swimming, campfires, taking long walks and family time while we’re there. We also visit the Mennonite store that isn’t far away.

Mark graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. He now works in the sales industry. He is an only child. His grandparents are a big part of his life and we get back to see them every few months. He has three step-sisters, who are very excited about us adopting a baby. Mark can’t wait to share his love of sports with our adopted child. He is already talking about taking our child to football games. Mark loves football and has an interest in karate, soccer and baseball. He goes to football games at the local university every chance he gets and is a part of the local athletic club.

Tara works at the local pet store full time and loves it. She plans on moving back to part time when the baby comes. When she is working, her friend has offered to baby sit. Her Mom has offered to come on the weekends. She is also enrolled in Penn Foster College online and studies Veterinary Technology. Her parents have been married for 37 years and we like to think of them as our role models. She has one brother who is one of her best friends. Tara can’t wait to share her love of animals and the importance of family with our child. Tara likes reading, cars and shopping. She also likes going to basketball games.


Mark and Tara

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