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Liz & Chet

Dear Expectant Mother,

It is an honor to be considered in the adoption process as a possible family for your child.  We admire your courage and devotion to ensuring your child has an amazing future.  We look forward to answering any questions that you may have along life’s journey.

We met in 2007 and quickly realized we had a lot of common interests. We both love cooking, running, being outdoors and just generally spending time with our families.  We soon realized we were meant to be and in 2011 were married in Richmond, Virginia.

Having talked about wanting children early on, the process began and less than a year later along came our son, Asher.  With Liz having a large family of siblings and lots of nieces and nephews (3 boys and 3 girls), we decided we wanted more children.  After countless months without success, we moved onto fertility treatment.  After fertility treatment failed, we quickly realized that we should open our family to the amazing opportunity of adoption.   Family is the most important aspect of our lives and we both feel that we, along with our large families, have so much to give another child.

Chet is a Program Manager and Facilities Security Officer for an Information Technology firm based out of Washington DC.  He gets to work from home several days a week where he can greet our son, Asher, coming home from school at lunchtime.  Chet loves to be outdoors, kayaking, running, participating in Triathlons, and spending lots of time in the water with Asher.  He has never met a stranger and has no issues making anyone laugh.  He is also a very devoted husband and father and would do anything for his family.

Elizabeth is an attorney for a local Richmond firm and is a very dedicated mother.  She enjoys cooking, running, and looks forward to spending time with the entire family every Sunday afternoon.  She has a very nurturing quality that all of the family admires and has a very take charge attitude when it comes to getting things done.

Asher is our very smart and energetic son who could talk the leg off of a chair!  He is currently going to a Montessori pre-school where he has excelled in learning and he even teaches mom and dad a few things every now and again!  He is very excited with the possibility of having a younger brother or sister in his life and we believe he will be a caring and nurturing big brother.

We live in the Sauer’s Garden area, a quiet neighborhood in the city of Richmond.  We have many parks and tot lots around us and often times walk over and enjoy the afternoon outside playing.  We have a large back yard where we also enjoy spending time playing with Asher and our two weimaraners.  Since family is so important to us, we chose to live within walking distance from Liz’s identical twin sister, brother-in-law, and two sons, as well as Liz’s parents.  As a result, we are able to spend lots of time with the family either for weekly dinner or just to stop in and say “Hello”.  Chet’s parents also just recently moved to Richmond as well to spend more time with our family.

We love being outdoors and we have a family vacation home on the Piankatank River in Deltaville, Virginia, which is frequently where the entire family spends its weekends in the summer swimming in the river, kayaking, fishing, and boating as well as having lazy days away from the city.

We thank you for taking this time to get to know us a little and only hope that we have adequately conveyed to you our commitment to being a loving, supportive, and nurturing family to your child.  We understand that this is a difficult decision that you are making and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your expectations and what is best for your child.

With love and respect,

Liz, Chet and Asher

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