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Jason & Christy


Thank you for taking the time to view our book, and learn more about us.  Our journey to have a family of our own has been a long, and at times painful one, full of “no’s,” and disappointment.  We’ve spent the last 8 years trying every infertility option possible, without success.  Through it all, we are fortunate to have grown stronger as a couple, and love the life we lead, but still feel a void without the blessing of a child in our lives.  We feel truly thankful to have found our way to adoption, and are hopeful to have a “yes” at last.

Jason and Christy1

It has been said that being a parent isn’t just about bearing a child, it is about bearing witness to its life.  An adopted child has two forever families, and we will embrace each of them, so that we may all bear witness to the amazing life that will provide and receive so much love.

We cannot begin to understand the multitude of feelings and emotions that you are going through, and will continue to go through; but saying “thank you,” just doesn’t seem sufficient to express our gratitude for the sacrifice you are making.  Please know that your miracle of life, will become a true miracle for us all, and we will share in the joy and greatness of that life together.  We look forward to maintaining a long lasting relationship with you and wish you much love and many blessings.

All the best,

Jason and Christy

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