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Jaron and Arielle

Dear Special Person,

We cannot understand the confusion, fear, and heartache you must be experiencing and we will not pretend to understand. You are looking through book after book of people that could potentially raise the child growing inside you.

We know you are wanting to find the perfect family. We know we are not perfect; but we have love, understanding, and acceptance. Hopefully, that makes up for us not being perfect! We work hard at our jobs and have fun relaxing. We feel as though we are pretty normal. We spend our time with family, friends, and each other. Jaron works at a wholesale family nursery that sells plants all over the east coast. He helps with planting, growing, and even drives some of the delivery trucks. Since, it is a family business they take pride in the fact that their drivers are home every night except maybe two a year. He is also our Contemporary Worship Leader at our church. Arielle is the full time Youth and Children’s Minister at our church. With both of us being on staff at our church we spend a lot of time there, but we spend more time at the local schools going to games and events of Arielle’s students and other students we have met in the community. Even before working at churches our faith was important to each of us and that is what brought us together. We met at church, grew as friends on a Mission Trip, and began dating while Jaron was working at a Christian Camp.

Arielle had always wanted to adopt because her Dad and Aunt were adopted. Before we were married she went to a doctor and they told her that we would probably not be able to have children. When Arielle returned home she told Jaron what the doctor had said. Jaron looked at her and smiled. He said, “That doesn’t change anything! We will adopt!” We have prayed about this time for 4 years and know that our child will come soon! Arielle has always said that adoption is in her DNA. Now, it will be in our DNA!

Thank you for taking the time in considering us. We hope this brings you into our lives a little or a lot!!

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