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Erick & Maria

Hello dear mother,

We are Maria and Erick. We have been married for 5 years and even though we have had our ups and downs like a regular couple, we have been very blessed and very happy.

I Erick, consider myself especially lucky to have found a wife who shares my likes, values and dreams. It was a beautiful afternoon when we just started dating that we expressed the same desire of one day we hoped to adopt. We both agreed that adopting a child is one of the greatest acts of love, and since then our personal dream became “OUR” dream and we decided that if we ever got married we would adopt a baby.

Maria and Erick 1

I, Maria, am a very active person. I like to work both in the house and away from it. I like to eat healthy and keep my exercise routine. I love flowers and I like to have plants and flowers outside and inside my house. I like to go out and get to know different places. I love my nephews and nieces and enjoy spending time with them. I also like to go out shopping when I have some free time. I like to watch comedy movies and romantic movies with my husband. I like to sew and personalize the clothes I buy; I also like to work on my curtains.

I, Erick, am more of an outdoor person. I love to play soccer and riding bikes. I like going to church a lot and I live to help others. I can say that my sense of humor is great and I am always trying to make people have a good laugh.

When Maria and I are together we have lots of fun. We enjoy watching movies together at home and we like to visit our family very often. Our neighborhood is filled with children playing outside and when I am driving home I do it very slow so I can see all of them play and run around. Maria and I are very excited about adding on to our family soon and all of our family is just as happy and expectant. We are very confident that he or she will not only be welcomed by Maria and I but by our whole community, church and family.  My wife and I have been blessed with families that have loved us unconditionally without asking anything in return. I have always believed the words I read in the Bible when I was young, “Freely you have received, freely give” and adoption for us, is a way in which we can give in return all that we have freely received.

We thank you for taking the time to read our letter.  We hope it helps you to get to know us a little better. If you choose us we would love to get to know you better.  We want to share as much as we can with your child about who you are and why you chose to place your baby for adoption.

May God bless you,

Maria and Erick

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