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Amy, Eric, and Arden

Dear Birth Parents,

We recognize that this is an emotional and challenging time as you make the important choice of selecting a family to raise your child. Thank you for taking thBrown Family 2e time to learn more about us and to include us in your deliberation.

Both of us had military fathers who retired in southeastern Virginia, so we grew up in the area. We met many years ago through Amy’s sister & her husband. In fact, they thought so highly of Eric, they asked him to be Godfather to their son long before we ever became a couple. We knew each other for several years before becoming romantically involved. Once we started dating, we knew very quickly we were a match! We have always known that we would have a family– we just did not know God’s plan to bring children into our lives. We waited to have children for several years to ensure we had a solid marriage and financial stability as a foundation for our family. We had no idea that having children would not come easily to us. After several miscarriages, and with the assistance of doctors & an egg donor, God blessed us with our daughter, Arden.  We hope to continue growing our family through adoption.  Amy’s oldest sister was adopted from an orphanage in South Korea, & as an adult, she adopted a son from an orphanage in the same city. Through this family connection, as well as many friends who have adopted children, we have experienced how adoption blesses both child and family.

As you make this difficult choice, please know that we are committed to raising our children in a stable home where they feel loved, valued, and have opportunities to grow, to learn, and to pursue the interests that make them unique.  All three of us are excited to meet the next member of our family. As you work through this challenging time in your life, we hope you will find a decision that brings you peace of mind.

Eric, Amy and Arden

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