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Amber and Michael


Thank you for taking the time to take a glimpse as to what our life is like. We can’t even begin to know how you’re feeling, but we want you to know we are here to support you in whatever you may choose. Humbled by the weight of your decision, we hope that we can help fulfill your desire to find a great family for your child. After years of struggling with infertility we were led to pursuing adoption. View More: were thankful that through those struggles it has brought us closer together and has given us a greater appreciation of how truly precious creating a human life really is. We have been dreaming and planning all of the fun things we want to do for a child. Birthday parties, vacations, sports, crafts, and other fun things can’t come soon enough!   We are hoping that in the midst of all that seems to be a struggle there can be hope for everyone involved. Hope is the one thing stronger than fear. We are here to first support and honor you. If we have the honor of parenting your child we promise to provide a loving, happy, fun, and secure home. We promise to never forget the wonderful gift you would be allowing us to take part in.

With our deepest recognition,

Michael & Amber

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