Are you considering placing your child for adoption?

Our Pregnancy Counselors can help you care for yourself and your baby during your pregnancy and after your child is born. Learn more about Pregnancy Counseling.

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Are you considering adopting a child?

Our experience in helping infants and children from the United States and abroad find their forever family dates back over 90 years. We provide a child-focused, compassionate and professional experience for everyone involved.

We are committed to finding loving, permanent homes for all children in our care, regardless of their age or special needs. We can work within several types of adoptions to achieve this.

  • Agency Assisted Infant Adoption
  • International Adoption
  • Parental Placement Adoption
  • Interstate Adoption

We also offer the following services for before, during, and after the adoption:

  • Adoptive Parent Counseling and Education
  • Birth Parent Counseling and Support
  • Home Studies
  • International Placement Agency Partnerships
  • Post-placement Visits
  • Adoption Finalization Services
  • Post-adoption Counseling and Support

Adoption Application

We regularly offer free, no-obligation information sessions. If you’re interested in learning more about adoption and what may be right for you, attending one of these meetings is an important first step. Contact us for more information or to make a reservation for the next orientation.

Richmond: 804.285.5900  |  Roanoke: 540.342.0411  |  Norton: 276.679.1195