• 02 Oct

    The One Fund

    The One Fund: The Annual Fund of Commonwealth Catholic Charities The One Fund is our way of Helping Many by Helping One. At Commonwealth Catholic Charities we support the most vulnerable Virginians – One person, One family, and One community at a time. With your faithful support, our goal is to raise $500,000 between October 1, […]

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  • 15 Jul

    Monthly Foster Parent Stipend

    As you are probably aware, we just received notification that the maintenance payment rates have increased for all the youth in the program.  The change represents a 3% increase for parents. The state has created recommendations for families to help them to budget the amount of the maintenance stipend that you receive.  It is divided […]

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  • 14 Jul

    Getting Ready to Go Back to School!

    It feels like summer just began but school will be starting up again in about 6 weeks.  You may want to think about spreading out tasks over the summer to help make those last weeks of summer more relaxing.  Some things you can do… 1. Stop in at your child’s school to pick up any […]

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  • 19 Jun

    June 2014 Newsletter

    Read through our June 2014 newsletter below or click here to read it as a PDF.

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  • 24 Dec

    The Untold Story About Immigrants In Our Area

    There are frequent articles and discussions in the media about immigrants in this country. The issues are complex and often the whole story is not told. In the Richmond area, as throughout the rest of the country, there are components that are not known about the issues some immigrants face, especially because their legal status […]

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  • 03 Dec

    What It’s Like to be a Foster Parent

    In 2003, Kate Hansen was a twenty-four year old college graduate, who was in the ever familiar position of trying to decide what her next step in life would be.  As the oldest of four siblings, Kate had grown to appreciate the role of a caregiver and had found that, while she wasn’t quite ready […]

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  • 23 Dec

    December 2012 Newsletter

    Read through our December 2012 newsletter below or click here to read it as a PDF.  

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