24 Aug

CCC Receives Generous Donation

Altria check presentation

The Altria Companies Employee Community Fund (ACECF) has generously awarded Commonwealth Catholic Charities (CCC) $25,000 to support victims of domestic violence in Central and Southwestern Virginia.

“With the support of ACECF, we will be able to provide free counseling and support services to victims of domestic violence in Central and Southwestern Virginia, as well as through our Richmond, Charlottesville, and Norton offices,” said Joanne Nattrass, CCC Executive Director. “The funds from ACECF will enable us to support victims of domestic violence who may not otherwise be able to afford to speak to someone about the abuse or neglect they have faced.”

Often times, the cycle of abuse begins with children who experience this violence and either repeat the offenses they’ve witnessed or find themselves drawn into similar relationships when they become adults. According to Mehr Niazi, CCC Counseling Services manager, “CCC’s goal is to break this cycle by treating not only the adult victims, but also to educate them on the true impact of the violence on the children. We offer individual hands-on play therapy to children of domestic violence to help them talk about what they’ve been through, address their struggles, and move past them into a healthy future.”

Presenting the check to Nattrass was Steve Fitzpatrick from Altria Companies Employee Community Fund. “It’s a pleasure to present this on behalf of my colleagues and to know that it will be used to help heal families,” he said.

For over twenty years, CCC has run one of the most successful Batterers Intervention Programs (BIP), treating the aggressors in domestic violence cases, and has record low recidivism rates.

CCC offers a wide range of programs to further its mission of providing quality, compassionate human services to all people, especially the most vulnerable, regardless of faith.

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