About Us

For over 90 years, Commonwealth Catholic Charities has worked to ease human suffering and restore, hope, dignity, and opportunity for Virginians. We provide help to families seeking food and shelter. We offer compassion to seniors and those with disabilities who are isolated and alone. We provide children and teens with loving foster homes. We provide assistance to refugee families fleeing persecution.

About us – Mission

The mission of Commonwealth Catholic Charities is to provide quality, compassionate human services to all people, especially the most vulnerable, regardless of faith

About us – Vision

We envision a world where poverty is alleviated, people of all races and faith are treated with respect and all are inspired to serve others.

About us – Locations

With offices in Richmond, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Hampton Roads, Petersburg, and Norton, Commonwealth Catholic Charities is able to serve communities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. In 2015, we served over 54,000 people through our various programs.

If you would like to learn more about us or one of our programs, please call the office closest to you. You can also email us and visit our facebook page.

Commonwealth Catholic Charities is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering and restoring hope, dignity and opportunities to Virginia’s residents since 1923.

Commonwealth Catholic Charities

  • Paula Allocca
  • Rev. Shay W. Auerbach, S.J.
  • Joseph Boisineau
  • Gerald D. Brittle
  • Damien Cabezas
  • James J. DePasquale
  • Randal J. Gatzke
  • Patrick F. Heinen
  • Melanie L. Jorgensen
  • Mary Margaret Kastelberg, Chair
  • Tulinh Le
  • Lynnleigh Maloney
  • Charles G. Marlowe
  • Kathleen M. McCauley
  • Michael Metzger
  • Donald Miller
  • Monica B. Molony
  • Richard D. O’Halloran
  • Cliona Mary Robb
  • Benjamin Scafidi
  • Susan Schneider
  • Paul Sinclair
  • Dr. Roberta A. Thayer-Smith
  • David Whitehead
  • Charles Williams
  • Joanne D. Nattrass

Commonwealth Human Services Foundation

  • Stephen J. Benedetti
  • Carey Bliley
  • John G. Dane
  • Richard Dash
  • Ellen Gortler
  • Louise Hartz
  • Scott Horchler
  • Mary Margaret Kastelberg
  • Michael O. McMunn
  • Donald Miller, Chair
  • Kathleen Mortensen
  • J. Kevin Muldowney
  • Christina F. Neiswander
  • Samuel Patterson, III
  • John Puccinelli
  • Wayne M. Slough
  • Christine N. Thomas
  • Lucia Anna Trigiani
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