• 31 Mar

    National Social Worker’s Month: Meet Diane!

    My job is to coordinate the Independence for Seniors Program and to provide social work services to the clients in the program. The purpose of the program is to help seniors and younger people with disabilities to remain as independent as possible with as high a quality of life as possible. The program began about […]

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  • 26 Mar

    Stories of Success: George

    I was asked to share an experience that would be representative of the work that the CCC counselors do as we provide services to individuals in need. There were so many stories to choose from, but I selected George’s story.  When George started domestic violence classes he was very angry.  I recall thinking when I […]

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  • 23 Mar

    National Social Worker’s Month: Meet Niki!

    My educational journey began in elementary school in Southern California, high school in Hawaii, undergraduate school at Seattle University and graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. Virginia won out and other than 2 years in Miami, is where I have remained. My joys are my family, being a grandmother to my 8 month old grandson, […]

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  • 19 Mar

    Scared and Alone: Janet’s Story

    I am Janet Myers from Jamaica. I came to this country back in 2006 on a work visa seeking a better life. I landed a great job and in 2011 I got married to whom I thought was the man of my dreams but it didn’t work that way. A few months into my marriage […]

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  • 16 Mar

    National Social Worker’s Month: Meet Jacob!

    My name is Jacob Snow and I am a Homeless Transition Specialist at Homeless Point of Entry in Richmond, VA.  This is a very fancy way of saying that I meet with homeless people daily and work with them to find shelter and other resources they are in need of.  The process at HPE is […]

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  • 02 Mar

    Battling Human Trafficking on a Local Level

    In April of 2013, Commonwealth Catholic Charities and other community partners in Henrico, Virginia, launched the “John’s School.” The focus of this unique class is to work with men who have been arrested for solicitation of prostitution, helping them recognize the devastating effect their actions have on their partners, families and their community, and especially […]

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